Ghostbed Vs Nectar

We love comfortable mattresses because they allow you to sleep faster and better, especially if you also have some back pain issues that need relief. Ghostbed Vs Nectar are good options for those who are experiencing some problems with their older mattress whether they are too soft, firm, or no longer able to contour their body properly. If you wonder which of these two will fit your sleeping preference the most, do check what they can offer below before shopping so we can choose faster.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Are You Currently Looking for a New Mattress
  • What are Ghostbed and Nectar
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  • Are Ghostbed and Nectar Comfortable
  • Ghostbed Vs Nectar

Shopping for a New Mattress

We humans spend about a third of our life sleeping and this is very important to make sure the body can function properly. Our body is also evolved to sleep at night and be active during the day because our vision is not at best when under dark conditions hence, we spend this time to rest ourselves. What many may not realize is how their sleep quality is also affected by the mattress they use because an old, uneven bed is not something we should be sleeping on.

Mattress has their effective years and it varies depending on what type of material they are made from so this can be used as a guide to decide how long or when to start considering a new one. The most long lasting mattress is probably Latex which can last up to 12 years or can be longer depending on how we treat them and how well they are made. The shortest lifespans are those with innerspring as they are easy to wear and become uneven.

Besides deciding the lifespan, mattress material also decides various qualities hence you can use this as a guide to buy the new one. Mattresses used to be sold at stores but now bed-in-box is a thing and most of them are made from memory foam which is probably among the best when it comes to support, pressure relief, and body contouring. They are best for those who need body shaping and contour or suffer from back pain but, memory foam can be created differently as well.

The other common type of mattress material is latex and this one is very well-known for their cooling properties which is why they are popular among people who complain about sleeping in an uncomfortably warm temperature. They are best for bounce and cooling while also like firmer mattresses in general. Coils on the other hand have innerspring inside and as you can guess, they are very bouncy, cool, and strong for sleepers with heavier weights but, they are also faster to wear.

Next is the budget itself and one thing surprising here is, more money doesn’t always mean you will get the better mattress especially when buying from stores as they can have quite a huge markup that can cost far more than they should. If you want to avoid these costs, we recommend to shop from home or from the manufacturer as nowadays they ship it directly to your home address. Typical luxurious mattresses are about $1000 but it is adjustable to follow your budget and size choices.

About Ghostbed and Nectar

If you are here then it means you may need a new mattress as well and now when you already have an image on how the new mattress should offer, it is time to see what the market has to offer because there are so many of them out there. For those interested to buy the mattress from home, in general all of them are memory foam or some sort of hybrid with some different materials as well depending on the model or variant.

This made them great for pressure relief and overall comfort but, if you need to spend in a pretty low budget or don’t need any luxurious mattress then we will recommend to consider Ghostbed and Nectar. These manufacturers are quite popular among similar brands out there and it is for good reasons which is because of the both affordable price tag and comfortable mattress. These brands also have several options or variants to choose from but the most popular will be their original mattresses.

In today’s comparison we will also talk about the two original mattresses and in our opinion, these two are equally good choices for users who love their mattress to have a medium firmness in which the support is adequate but can still conform to the shape of their body. Ghostbed and Nectar are pretty much the same in price range with a starting price even lower than $500 for their smallest mattress so almost everyone can get the level of comfort these manufacturers can offer.

However, being different mattress from different makers also mean that Ghostbed and Nectar will carry some differences and in comparison, those who are going to move a lot during the sleep and prominently starting to doze off while laying on their side will probably like how Nectar feels better while strictly back sleeper may find the amount of support Ghostbed offer is great for their sleeping position. Read also: Ghostbed Vs Molecule here.

Ghostbed and Nectar Design

Just like most bed-in-box in this price range, these two are very modest in terms of appearance with no other than a thin cover but, Nectar somehow doesn’t look exactly like in the illustration as the sidewalls are bumpy and the thin layer of cover doesn’t help with keeping the foam inside stay in shape. This variant has a grey sidewall with a simple blue list along the edges with the name positioned at the bottom of the mattress.

Ghostbed on the other hand has a similar sense of fashion with a dark grey sidewall and a white top but, compared to Nectar, this cover is thicker so it can keep the memory foam inside to stay in shape and looks better even without additional cover or mattress topper. We are comparing the two in Queen size and they are 13 and 11 inches tall respectively. Besides the mattress, you can add protector, cover or pillows as well to the purchase in case you will need to upgrade these elements for increased comfort.

Ghostbed and Nectar Layers

As mattress need to be both supportive and comfortable, the first part you may want to know from Ghostbed and Nectar is probably what they use to build the mattress and starting with Nectar first, this variant is started with a thick high density poly foam which is the tallest among all three layers, meant to give support and shape to the mattress while on top of it is memory foam with a faster response to pressure compared to the base.

The top is second in thickness and is made of gel memory foam which is very soft and gives the effect of sinking to give the best pressure relief for your lumbar area and shoulders. Since memory foam can get warm at night, they infused cooling gel for this layer to keep you cool while sleeping. Moving to Ghostbed, this mattress is started with 7.5 inches of high density poly foam to make the structure of the mattress and to support the sleeper.

On top of it or in the middle of this structure there is a contour layer and is made of gel-infused memory foam which is quite unique as usually gel memory foam is placed at the top layer and this one signifies a deep body contouring as well as pressure relief. At the top we get 1.5 inches aerated latex which makes the mattress bouncy and gives a good mobility as well as cooling property.

Ghostbed and Nectar Firmness

Moving further, we also want to talk about the level of firmness from these mattresses as they are quite different from each other. We have mentioned that most bed-in-box are rather firm or fall in the middle of medium firmness which is great for back sleeper and in comparison between Ghostbed and Nectar, the latter is actually softer than most mattresses in the price range which may give a different level of comfort across different users yet, they are still great for back sleepers.

Ghostbed and Nectar Comfort

The last but definitely not least is their comfort level and here the two indeed feel best when you are a strictly back sleeper. While they have different level of firmness, the level of support and contouring are definitely there to ease your shoulders and hip but, when moving to the side position, in comparison Nectar will feel better and in general a softer mattress will feels great for side sleeper as they need to ease the shoulders as well. For stomach sleepers, both are too soft to provide the best contouring.

Ghostbed Vs Nectar

These mattresses are great for the pocket as they are very affordable and also feel good for back sleepers. The firmness of Ghostbed and Nectar are slightly different with Nectar being the softer mattress and not only for back sleeper, it is also amazing for those who love to lay on their side. But, if you are a stomach sleeper, none of them are going to be firm enough for the proper contour.

- Taller- Shorter
- Has latex layer- Memory foam
- Firmer- Softer
- Good for back sleeper- Good for back and side sleeper


Overall it is best to shop based on which feels better for you but, for those prominently sleeping on their back and side, we highly recommend the Nectar as this is what feels most comfortable to us in these positions.

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