Amerisleep AS3 vs Purple

If you are currently confused in choosing between Amerisleep AS3 vs Purple mattresses, you have come to the right place. Below, we will see the comparisons between the two mattresses based on several aspects. Know that these two mattresses have very different materials and features, so you can expect them to perform with unique characteristics.

Continue reading below to understand better about:

  • The design and construction of Amerisleep AS3 vs Purple
  • Which mattress that has the best support and pressure relief
  • Which mattress that has the lowest motion transfer
  • Which mattress that has the best durability and warranty
  • Which mattress that gives the best value for the money

Amerisleep AS3 Construction

Amerisleep AS3 is a memory foam mattress. It has a total height of 12 inches with 3 different layers. The combination between the memory foam comfort layer and the poly foam base should provide a good balance between pressure relief and support. The high-quality cover is made from a blend of polyester, spandex, and Celliant; the cover is stretchy, breathable, and durable. The cover snaps back quickly without ever getting bunched up. See also: Bed In A Box vs Amerisleep.

The comfort layer is 3-inch thick, made of memory foam with 4-lb density. It should be pointed out that Amerisleep AS3’s memory foam has an open-cell structure, which allows heat to dissipate quickly. The memory foam has good durability. Meanwhile, the transition layer is 2-inch thick, made of poly foam with 1.65-lb density. The transition layer is actually firmer, providing smooth transition and some bounce.

Finally, the base is 7-inch thick, made of firm poly foam with 1.8-lb density. It is highly effective in providing deep compression support, so a heavy sleeper can use the bed comfortably. It is durable, too. It maintains the shape integrity of the bed.

Purple Mattress Construction

On the other hand, the Purple mattress is not a memory foam mattress. It is best described as a hyper-elastic polymer mattress that provides great bounce and responsiveness. The unique construction is very different compared to other foam mattresses in the market. The total height of the mattress is 9.25 inches.

Let’s start from the cover. It uses a blend of lycra, viscose, and polyester. The cover is thin and highly breathable, so you don’t need to worry about sweating all night long. In fact, the cover is quite helpful in temperature regulation, as it can wick away moisture from your body. The cover is quite stretchy. It snaps back into place, ensuring that your mattress will always look neat.

The comfort layer is 2-inch tall. It is made of hyper-elastic polymer that is designed in a grid structure. This particular design allows for excellent weight distribution and pressure relief. The grid structure remains supportive until a weight threshold is passed, at which point it will start to sink in to allow pressure relief. In addition, the air pockets prevent overheating.

The poly foam transition layer is 3.25-inch thick, whereas the high-density poly foam base is 4-inch thick. Together, they provide compression support to the sleeper. However, a particularly heavy sleeper may find the Purple mattress not supportive enough.

Firmness and Support

Amerisleep AS3vs Purple mattresses have different firmness and support. On one hand, Amerisleep AS3 is soft. The memory foam top layer will accept your body without real resistance, and it will contour your body for pressure relief. You can actually feel the memory foam adapting to your body curves.

However, if you press deeply enough, you can feel the transition layer providing some bounce. This allows for a solid balance between pressure relief and support. Most users say that Amerisleep AS3 has a medium firmness due to the balanced characteristic.

On the other hand, the Purple mattress is very bouncy. The response to pressure is almost immediate. If you prefer a bouncy mattress but don’t want a spring bed, the Purple mattress makes an excellent choice. The weight distribution is truly impressive, as it effectively eliminates pressure points.

The Purple mattress falls in the medium firmness category, but it is still softer than Amerisleep AS3. An exception is if you are extremely light, in which case your body will not be heavy enough to force down the comfort layer; the mattress will feel firm.


Amerisleep AS3 tends to create deeper sinkage, but this is not a problem because the mattress is indeed thicker. It has plenty of deep compression support. The deep sinkage creates good contouring. It is especially nice if you like to snug deep into your bed.

The sinkage on the edge is also quite prominent. Some people may worry that the sinkage may cause poor edge support, but this is not the case. Amerisleep AS3 still has good edge support. You will not feel insecure despite sleeping on the edge.

The Purple mattress has less sinkage. You will not sink too deeply into the mattress. The contouring is good, but the support across the mattress is noticeable. And thanks to the excellent weight distribution, the Purple mattress has very good edge support. You can sleep on the edge comfortably without worrying about falling down.

Motion Transfer

Amerisleep AS3 generally has lower motion transfer. The memory foam layer effectively dissipates movements and vibrations. This is very useful for a couple sleeping together. When your partner wakes up, his or her movements will not be very noticeable, so they won’t disturb your sleep.

On the other hand, the Purple mattress has more motion transfer. Still, the mattress attenuates the vibrations quite nicely. Whenever there is a movement from across the mattress, you can feel a small spike of vibration – but it dissipates quickly afterwards.

Warranty and Return Policy

Each of Amerisleep AS3 vs Purple mattresses has a 100-night trial period. So, you can try the mattress first before fully committing with your choice. If you are not satisfied with the product while still in the trial period, you can return it for a refund.

However, Amerisleep AS3 has a better warranty. The warranty goes for 20 years. This is very good. On the other hand, the Purple mattress only has a 10-year warranty.

Amerisleep AS3 vs Purple

Amerisleep AS3Purple Mattress
- 12-inch total thickness- 9.25-inch total thickness
- Memory foam comfort layer- Hyper-elastic polymer comfort layer
- Prominent contouring and sinkage- Good bounce and support
- Less motion transfer- More motion transfer
- 20-year warranty- 10-year warranty


These two mattresses have very different characteristics. If you need more contouring for pressure relief and deep compression support, Amerisleep AS3 is more recommended. It is a memory foam mattress. However, if you prefer more bounce and support, the hyper-elastic Purple mattress makes the way to go.

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