Novaform vs Nectar

The mattress is affecting our sleep quality since they are going to give you comfort. You don’t have to spend so much just to get a comfortable mattress for we have lots of amazing options on the more affordable range such as Novaform Vs Nectar. These mattresses are very ideal for those who prefer a softer bed but they are not exactly the same as well so let’s see below about what they can offer before deciding which of them will fit you better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Choose a New Mattress
  • What are Novaform and Nectar
  • How are the Design of Novaform and Nectar
  • How Many Layers are in Novaform and Nectar
  • How are the Firmness of Novaform and Nectar
  • Who Novaform and Nectar are made for
  • Novaform Vs Nectar

Shopping for a New Mattress

All of us need sleep to function properly but unfortunately not all of us are able to have a good rest at night due to various reasons. Some of them need professional care or probably medicine such as those related to health issues but there are also external factors including the room where you sleep or the mattress itself. People may have different preferences about their sleeping condition but a cool and dark room is usually what makes it easy to drift off.

Mattress is also an important part of the factors to notice if you have been waking up to a tired body and somehow can’t ever find a good position to sleep. Since this is the surface we will be resting our body on, it is necessary to pay attention on how the bed affects your sleeping quality.  Just like most items, a mattress is something that will wear off as it gets used often and it is probably the time for you to change into a new one.

Depending on the material of this mattress, their average lifespan is also varying widely and not all will have to be changed at the same time. Usually a memory foam mattress will last for about 10 years and the longest one is latex that can last for around 12 years or even longer. If you prefer a bouncy mattress, those innerspring models will be the more ideal but this is also the least long lasting at around 8 years long.

If you think the old mattress is no longer as comfortable and needs to be replaced, it is also necessary to consider what type of sleeper you are. Most people are back sleeper and some are side while the rest are stomach sleeper. Of course in general we are a combination of them but we can feel which type of position we often fell asleep with. For example, people who prefer to sleep on their back then the mattress should be medium firm.

Medium mattresses are not going to be as firm or soft which often cause some discomfort so it is great to have them in the middle. If you can range a mattress from 1 to 10 then any number at 5.5 to 7 are ideal in terms of firmness. On the other hand the side sleepers need a softer mattress to let their shoulder and hip sink while still supporting their whole body. The firmness should be lower than those for back sleeper at around 4 to 6 according to your taste.

About Novaform and Nectar

Now when you already have an image or what to look for in the new mattress, it is time to see what the market has to offer. Like most products mattresses are often mirroring the price really well so we will get the best option at the higher price range yet, nowadays it doesn’t have to be this way anymore since manufacturers can optimize their production and marketing cost to further lower the final price. If you plan to spend on a budget, ordering the unit from home is a great idea.

The biggest advantage of ordering directly from the manufacturer is we can find better pricing but we also can’t try and see the product directly which means we have no idea how they will look or feel like in real life. Thankfully many of these brands are also offering trial periods so buyers can try their product first and return it if they don’t like the mattress. Among those that you can rely on, Novaform and Nectar are two amazing options.

These box mattresses are quite popular with a well-known quality and the best part is probably because they are very affordable as well. You can find these brands in various recommendation about which memory foam models that worth the attention and yes, both of them are selling memory foam mattresses and while they are probably not the bounciest material you can find out there, personally we like the feeling of these foams for bedding as they can both support and conform the body really well.

The drawback is that they are often not as long lasting and prone to be uneven if you don’t rotate the position. As for the comparison today, we are going to talk about the Comfort Grande from Novaform and the Nectar mattress since Novaform have lots of models to choose from but this one is the most affordable from the line. Price wise we are using the smallest model from $400-$500 respectively so the Nectar is about $100 more expensive for the same size.

Novaform and Nectar Design

Looking at Novaform and Nectar mattresses, both of them are not as attractive as in the sample picture. Since the two are box-mattresses, they are coming in a box and thus, we need to unroll them and let them air for a few moments. Novaform itself is a brand of Costco so you may be more familiar or often see them at stores. In comparison the cover material for these mattresses are also different with Nectar being textured, has pattern, and slightly thicker. 

The cover of Nectar is quite basic with quilted parts and added with some memory foam so it is somehow plush as well. This will give immediate comfort as users are laying their body on the bed to rest. Side by side Novaform is also thicker measured at 14 inches compared to 11 inches for the twin size. It is also heavier, almost 10 pounds more than Nectar despite the almost identical form factor. Read also: Novaform Vs Casper.

Novaform and Nectar Layers

Now let’s talk about the most important part which is the layers of Novaform and Nectar since they are also quite different here. Starting with Novaform, especially the Comfort Grande variant, this model is made of 3 layers with a 3 inches of gel memory foam at the top. This memory foam is providing comfort and that cradling support which is also cooling to sleep on. The next layer is another 3 inches air channel which is not completely flat as this layer is meant to regulate temperature.

The base is always the thickest among all of them and this 8 inches foam is also the firmest since it is meant to add stability and longevity while supporting our weight. Moving to the Nectar mattress, the top layer is made of gel-infused memory foam too with a slow response to pressure and providing contour, similar to the one in Novaform. The next layer or transition layer is very thin in comparison to the two above and below it meant to bridge the top and base.

It is also quicker in response, extending the contour of the top layer into the middle but also covering it from directly feeling the firm base. The base itself is the thickest foam of all layers and made of high-density poly foam to provide both shape and stability. 

Novaform and Nectar Firmness

Next is the firmness of Novaform and Nectar since this will affect the way you sleep but in comparison both of them are very similar to each other in terms of how firm and soft the feeling is. If given a score from 1 to 10, they are going to end up around 6 in our measurement which is surprising because we thought Nectar will be firmer due to the thinner height yet in fact they almost feel the same to each other.

Novaform and Nectar Users

Firmness is affecting who these mattresses are made for and as it has been mentioned above that a medium mattress is best for those who like to sleep on their back or need proper support. Novaform and Nectar are ideal for back sleepers since they can provide good support while still conforming their body especially on the lumbar area, at the same time soft enough to give room for your shoulders when moving to the side. But, depending on body weight our hips may sink deeper which often cause discomfort as well due to the lack of firmness.

Novaform vs Nectar

These mattresses are equally good options for back and side sleepers who often feel their old mattress too stiff or lose the shape. The two are quite different in look and even thickness but have very similar feel or level of firmness, probably because they use the same formulation yet the Comfort Grande from Novaform is thicker and heavier in comparison to Nectar at the same size.

- More affordable- More expensive
- Thicker- Thinner
- Have textured cover
- Flat cover


All in all it is wise to shop based on which seems to fit in your preference the most but between the two we do like Novaform for its thickness and also lower price point so then we can save some to add bed cover or to buy a new set of pillows.


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