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Sleep Number i8 vs Ile

When looking for quality and durable bed products, most people are always drawn to comfort and support. It is important to consider such characteristics when purchasing mattresses, pillows, and other bed products as it enables you to have a good night’s sleep. It’s also advisable to focus on timeless and classic products that can last for many years to come. The i8 vs the Ile sleep number is one of the high quality bed products available in the current market.

Sleep Number i8

Sleep Number i8 should be a key consideration when purchasing a bed. This bed has an exclusive Plush fit layer that enhances comfort and temperature balancing sleep surface that lets you sleep under your desired temperature. This means that you are not restricted to a too cold or a too hot sleeping temperature. The i8 sleep number also enables you to adjust firmness, comfort and you’ll be able to have support on each side of the bed. Well, you can do this by setting your ideal sleep number and changing it whenever you feel like. It also tracks your heart rate, breathing and movement using the SleepIQ technology. The SleepIQ shows you how you slept every morning and it enables you to make necessary adjustments. The i8 sleep number is equipped with a 3 inch Plush Fit foam comfort layer which is soft and resilient for maximum comfort. Some i8 sleep numbers are upgraded with an adjustable base to raise either the head of foot of the bed. This makes watching TV, surfing or reading easier and comfortable. It is also equipped with a soft and breathable knit fabric. (See another comparison : Sleep Number i8 vs i10)

Sleep Number Ile

The Ile sleep number bed is one of a kind and one of the latest advancements for your individualized sleep. Its foam is equipped with temperature balancing technology that will keep you sleeping right all night long. Just like the i8, the Ile allows you to adjust firmness that will keep you balanced on each bed side. It regulates its temperature automatically aiding to a comfortable sleep all night long. It adds to its combination, a profiled duvet-style pillow top that is measured from the base to the highest level of the mattress. It has a luxurious polyester soft knit fabric that ensures you sleep comfortably. It also has an exclusive comfort layer foam that is designed to contour the entire body. Just like the i8 sleep number, the Ile is upgraded with adjustable bases to help you achieve the ultimate comfort. The adjustable bases has various options such as partner snore technology, which is available when your bed is customized.

Sleep Number i8Sleep Number Ile
- Has an exclusive Plush fit layer- Has a luxurious polyester soft knit fabric
- Using the SleepIQ technology- Using the temperature balancing technology
- Equipped with a 3 inch Plush Fit foam comfort layer- With duvet-style pillow top


Both the i8 and the Ile sleep number bed models are designed to give you a comfortable and soothing sleep. However, the Ile sleep number is more technically advanced with a fabric that clears moisture enabling you to sleep under the same temperature throughout the night. The Ile is undoubtedly the most luxurious and is equipped with more comfort. Some Ile sleep number beds are thicker than the i8 beds, with up to 12 inch mattress. The mattress works well for people affected with back pain problems because of its softness and it’s also more firm. The i8 and the Ile are of quality and durable at the same time. So, the next time you are purchasing a sleep number bed be open-minded and choose wisely.

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