Sleep Number

Sleep Number I8 vs M7

A brand of Sleep Number might be popular enough in mattress area. The company offers the best sleep of your life starts with Sleep Number adjusability whether it is extra firm or feather soft. There are a number of types that this mattress company have which start from twin, full, queen, and king. They make it to be big choices for user instead of seeing the differences from one mattress to the other mattress. Therefore, that is exactly the reason why we must compare 2 of Sleep Number types, Sleep Number i8 and Sleep Number m7. These are the more explanations about them.

Sleep Number I8

The used of good qualities materials in Sleep Number i8 such as bamboo, Aloe vera Top Panel, Gel-Infused, and foam padding make Sleep Number i8 are very comfortable and cool enough when you try lying on the top of this bed, because all uses antimicrobacterial agents and woven materials. You will have such an exceptional quality of sleep featured with luxurious design. The more detail about Sleep Number i8 are DualAir adjustability, SleepIQ technology, Temperature balancing sleep surface, 13″ Profile, 3″ PlushFit foam comfort layer which offers an exclusive layer of it for enhanced comfort and temperature balancing sleep surface that keeps you from sleeping too hot or too cool, and 7 zones contouring support.

Sleep Number M7

Sleep Number M7 has 3-inches of CoolFit foam with gel technology which is suitable for making you comfortable in summers time and seems like you will never leave your bed forever. It also equipped with CoolFit Pillows which is enhanced with gel technology for cool and comfortable sleep, 12″ Profile, SleepIQ technology, and Soft & breathable knit fabric. You will feel like you contoured to the bed even before someone had adjusted your number. Sleep Number m7 is really the only memory foam bed with Sleep Number adjustability.

Sleep Number I8 vs M7

Sleep Number I8Sleep Number P5
- Sleepers small in both height and weight- Aloe Vera Smooth Top Panel
- An average of both the petite and large scores that applies to many people- Woven Cotton Zipper Cover
- Side sleepers who are above 6 ft 2 inches tall and/or 220 pounds- Gel-Infused Visco Elastic Foam (3.5/15)


If you want to decide a mattress with the same brand it is a necessary things to look into the specifications offered by each mattress. Sleep Number i8 and m7 are both having almost similar features. Just in one case, Sleep number i8 become the most favorite among consumers because it is more well-known than Sleep Number m7.

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