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Sleep Number I8 vs P6

Probably you are in feeling confused in choosing the best bed or mattress for your bedroom because, you are boring with the old one or you are having trouble with your sleeping quality every night. The solution is finding a new one for replacing your old bed. Sleep Number is a brand of bed which is enough famous among people who like to buy high-end beds. There are kinds of series in Sleep Number but, this article will just discuss in two of series. They are Sleep Number I8 and Sleep Number P6. What makes them special between other beds and mattresses? And who is better?

Sleep Number I8

Sleep Number is available in I8 of series, ‘i’ on its name means Innovation, hopes that by making this bed with revolutionary innovation will make the customers satisfied. With the total height in 13 inches and it depends on which base is used and whether legs are used with the base, the material of Sleep Number I8 are bamboo and Aloe Vera Top Panel Pillow Top with Gel-Infused Visco Foam. From the 13 inches of fabric top cover, there are 3 inches of them which consist of foam padding and all uses antimicrobial agents and woven material to keep you warm. Another specifications are offered by Sleep Number I8 are enabled the user to adjust each side of the bed with its DualAir technology, A 3-inch comfort layer, temperature balancing technology saved in Divet-style Pillowtop, and the multi-functions wireless digital remote.

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Sleep Number P6

Sleep Number P6 is as its written name, ‘p’ means performance hopes that this premium model will perfectly support the bed. The materials from this bed are Bamboo Pillow Top with Gel-Infused Visco Elastic Foam. Sleep Number P6 is 100% rayon quilted spacer knit available in the sleeping surface that make it becomes breathable and soft. The Intralux has three zones for the even distribution of body weight and the entire pillowtop includes antimicrobial protection for health and freshness. Amazingly, this bed is equipped by Sleep Number DualAir technology and wireless digital hand control which are same as the I8 series. You will get you comfort levels of sleep and know your sleep numbers.

Sleep Number I8 vs P6

Sleep Number I8Sleep Number P6
- Sleepers small in both height and weight - Core Details: Adjustable air-chamber technology
- An average of both the petite and large scores that applies to many people- Foundation Details: Matching coverlet; Optional foundation legs sold separately
- Side sleepers who are above 6 ft 2 inches tall and/or 220 pounds- Sleep Number Firmness Control™ System includes wireless, backlit digital remote


Overall, both of these beds from Sleep number are providing their customers or candidates a composite the firmness of the air support on each beds. However, Sleep Number P6 is cheaper enough than Sleep Number I8. Maybe it will be your considerations in choosing between two of them. Once again, lower budget sometimes become the best choice.

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