Sealy Optimum vs Serta iComfort

Are you confused in choosing between Sealy Optimum vs Serta iComfort? In the following article, we will see the detailed comparisons between Sealy Optimum and Serta iComfort. Both of the two brands are well-known for their good quality mattresses. However, each of them does come with different pros and cons. Because of this, deciding the best mattress for you depends on your needs and preferences.

About Sealy Optimum

Sealy Optimum is a mattress that mainly features gel-infused memory foam. This product is actually a unique move from the company, as they have gained fame and recognition in the world from their coiled mattresses rather than memory foam mattresses. The mattresses that belong to the Sealy Optimum line incorporate the OptiCool technology, which is specially formulated gel memory foam designed to optimize the temperature of the surface.

Undoubtedly, with the coil technology and cooling gel memory foam, Sealy Optimum is targeted towards the niche audience looking for a memory foam mattress with decent support and heat control. Of course, overheating has been a longstanding complaint given to traditional memory foam mattresses; the problem is due to the density of the material.

It is reported that Sealy Optimum has a gel memory foam layer with a thickness of 1.5”. This thickness is actually inferior compared to the average thickness of other memory foam mattresses, which is about 2.0”. Thus, we may think that the additional layer will not provide much of a dramatic improvement in terms of comfort. But we should not forget that Sealy Optimum is a hybrid mattress; despite the slightly thinner comfort layer, the mattress features multiple coils that provide enhanced support.

Pros of Sealy Optimum

The first advantage of Sealy Optimum vs Serta iComfort is the competitive pricing. The mattresses belonging to the Sealy Optimum line are priced very competitively. Each of them comes with a price that is comparable to the other competitors in its class. Because of this, people become more interested with the offers of Sealy Optimum.

The next advantage of Sealy Optimum is the excellent heat regulation. Compared to the traditional memory foam mattresses, Sealy Optimum sleeps quite cooler. Honestly, it is still not as cool as some coil beds, but it is still an improvement that can benefit the sleepers who prefer memory foam but can’t stand the hotness. On the good side, Sealy Optimum is a great choice for about any season; it is pretty cool for the summer, and it can be warm and cozy for the winter.

Sealy Optimum boasts an above-average conforming ability. The gel memory foam is very responsive to adapt to your body curves and position changes. Its ability to relief pressure points is highly effective. At the same time, the internal coils provide deep compression support evenly across the sleeper’s body. The deep compression support is especially very important for a heavy sleeper who would sink deeper into the mattress.

Last but not least, Sealy Optimum is available in several different models and firmness levels. The different models offer a variety of features, such as additional comfort layers and tops. You can choose the firmness level that is the most suitable; you can choose a softer model if you like to snug deep into the mattress, or a firmer model for even more support.

Cons of Sealy Optimum

There is one important issue to consider when choosing between Sealy Optimum vs Serta iComfort, which is the durability. Sealy Optimum is quite affordable. While the affordability is a good thing on one side, it also makes people wonder whether the build quality is good.

There are some reviews that commented on the mattress’s durability; people generally agree that Sealy Optimum is not highly durable, but, with proper care, Sealy Optimum can last for about ten years or so. Still, expect some sagging after a few years of usage.

About Serta iComfort

Serta has become one of the most loved mattress brands in the market. It comes with various options, ranging from innerspring constructions, sophisticated memory foam, to outstanding hybrid mattresses. Serta iComfort comes with a number of advanced features. There are several different models in this line, which may have different comfort layers and materials. However, they do share similar key characteristics.

For example, many of the mattresses in Serta iComfort come with the Triple Effects Gel Memory foam. This technology features memory foam infused with a special gel which effectively alleviates pressure points while supporting the spinal alignment and optimizing the temperature. Serta iComfort may also use the EverCool Plus memory foam, which utilizes open-cell visco-elastic foam designated to provide proper, cradling support to the sleeper’s body. At the same time, it greatly reduces heat retention. The Deep Reaction memory foam is firmer and denser, put at the base core for deep compression support.

Pros of Serta iComfort

The first advantage of Serta iComfort when choosing between Sealy Optimum vs Serta iComfort is the exceptional temperature regulation. Compared to the competitor here, Serta iComfort does an even better job in cooling the sleeping surface. In addition, Serta iComfort does not experience any off-gassing issues like traditional memory foam, making it a more convenient and healthier choice.

And don’t forget that Serta iComfort is specially designed to work with an adjustable foundation. Getting the adjustable foundation is very much recommended. It will allow you to rest on your back, lie down, or sit in an inclined position. It is very convenient.

Last but not least, Serta iComfort also boasts exceptional warranty and return policies. It comes with a 10-year limited warranty. When purchasing, you can have an in-home trial period for 120 days to see whether the mattress suits you or not. You can return or exchange the mattress if needed during the trial period.

Cons of Serta iComfort

The disadvantage of Serta iComfort is the premium pricing. Compared to Sealy Premium, Serta iComfort is quite more expensive. The lower models start from over $1,000. You need to prepare a real budget in order to get a Serta iComfort mattress.

Sealy OptimumSerta iComfort
- Has more affordable models- Relatively more expensive
- Good support and comfort- Very good support and comfort
- Good heat regulation- Very good heat regulation
- Average durability- Good durability


If you can afford it, Serta iComfort is more recommended. This mattress comes with advanced technologies to provide the best comfort, cooling, and support. The trial period ensures that you can get the most suitable model for your needs. However, if you have a limited budget, you can choose Sealy Optimum, which is actually quite good but needs extra care to last.

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