Nectar vs Casper

The mattress will affect how you sleep and the quality itself which is why it is necessary to find a mattress that can support your proper resting time. If you have no time to visit a physical store, there are plenty of options that we can buy from home such as the Nectar Vs Casper mattresses. These brands are very popular with their simplicity and affordable memory foam mattress but before deciding to choose one, let’s see which of the two will be the better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What Affects Sleep Quality
  • What are Nectar and Casper
  • How are the Design of Nectar and Casper
  • How are the Layers in Nectar and Casper
  • How are the Firmness of Nectar and Casper
  • Who Nectar and Casper are Ideal for
  • Nectar Vs Casper

Sleep Quality

We need sleep to function properly and we are sure most people have suffered from lack of sleep due to various activities they need to do that resulting in a less resting time throughout the night. As you can expect it is not a healthy habit and we can already feel the impact the next day while working or during class. While sometimes it can be a bit confusing as to why we find it hard to sleep well at night, there are actually various common factors to pay attention to.

The first is light’s effect on your sleep quality which many people seem to not be aware yet. It is very important that light can naturally prevent you from sleeping as well as affecting the timing of our internal clock which is why it also plays a role in our overall time to sleep. The light influences our internal clock to the light sensitive cells in our eyes so the brain can differentiate day and nighttime and set our sleep time accordingly.

Since the invention of the electric bulb in the late 19th century, humans are exposed to more light during the night compared to how we used to throughout the evolution and hence this is new to our body so professionals often suggest it has a great impact in our pattern of sleep. Exposure to light during the late evening tends to delay the phase of our internal clock and affects you to choose sleeping at a later time.

Another important external factor that affects the sleep quality is the sleeping environment itself. This can include the lighting as well but more of a combination from various different factors such as noise and temperature. Before being able to sleep, our body has to relax and putting it in a stress-free environment will help a lot to make it the most comfortable or free of other distraction. As for the light we can turn off the bedroom and bathroom light or use a dim setting for those with smart bulbs.

Noise is more of a preference and some people can relax better when there is a background sound to help them sleep but the volume must be very low since otherwise it increases the chance of you waking up earlier as it affects the transitions to the deeper stage of sleep. In addition temperature matters which is highly personal so it is best to consider your bed mate or spouse preference and habit. Besides the air conditioning/heater, the mattress and your sleeping clothes may affect the temperature as well.

About Nectar and Casper

The key for quality sleep is the comfort and we can always tweak the external condition to match with your own preference. If you are here then, the current issue that is bothering you from getting enough sleep is the mattress itself. For many of us, a mattress is not something that often comes to mind when sleeping but they certainly affect comfort because not all of us have the same sleeping style or have a fairly new mattress.

They can get quite expensive to purchase but a mattress is not something we usually change during the first 5 years which is why we do think it is wise to spend carefully and make sure the new mattress will improve your comfort. In the past we often had to go to a physical store to buy the mattress but now you can sit at home and wait for the package to come. Nectar and Casper are two leading brands when it comes to box mattresses and you may want to try their products too.

For box mattresses, as you can expect they are actually memory foam which makes the product can be packed and shipped easily compared to many other types of mattresses such as those with springs. The best thing is they are compact and can be aired pretty quickly before being used to regain the actual size and shape. Nectar and Casper are popular choices for good reason and this reason is their mattresses are loved by many meaning versatile enough for different people.

Unlike Nectar, Casper carry more in the collection but today we are going to focus on their original variant since this is also the most popular among all of the collection. These memory foam mattresses are mostly going to be in the middle of the spectrum when it comes to firm and softness but their best quality is probably the way the memory foam can respond to body weight hence can provide enough support and comfort for various different areas. Read also: Novaform Vs Nectar.

Nectar and Casper Design

The first thing we notice about these mattresses is their shape and while they look similar on picture, since they are shipped using a box we need to air them for some time to let them regain the shape and texture. In a glance the Casper one looks better and somehow more attractive as well especially with the cover. This model has a knit polyester blend and has both a soft and stretchy feel to it. It has a texture so we highly recommend putting another bed cover.

The Nectar may look simpler and less fascinating but once you touch the surface, we think they add some foam or material below the cover after the memory foam since the top is softer and more responsive. In comparison the mattress already feels good to skin even without a cover. Just like most box mattresses, these two offer sleep trials and Nectar lets you try it for 365 nights while Casper is 100 nights. As for the warranty Nectar gives forever warranty and Casper at 10 years.

Nectar and Casper Layers

Next let’s see what Nectar and Casper can offer and starting with what memory foam or what stacked below the cover, Nectar is using a total of 3 different layers that are fused together into one foam measured about 11 inches in overall thickness. The first layer is the second thickest among the layers and this is made of gel-infused memory foam that has slow response to pressure. It is providing good contour and helping your body sink where the weight is heavier.

The transition or middle layer is the thinnest and is made of memory foam which has faster response to pressure and meant to layer the upper pressure so we don’t get the feel of the base foam directly, extending the contour. The base is the thickest and made of high-density foam to protect the shape of the mattress as well as supporting the sleeper’s weight. Moving to Casper this mattress also has an approximate 11 inches thickness for the Queen size.

It is also made with a total of three layers and in detail the first two layers are very thin compared to what you see in Nectar. The first layer is a perforated airspace foam which is proprietary from Casper and has a slow response to pressure as well to provide contour. The similarly thin second layer is unique since it has three different zones which makes the foam have different levels of firmness. The softer foam is placed at the shoulders and the firmer foam is located on the hip hence the balance.

Most of the stack of Casper is made of the base of the high-density memory foam. This variant is a full memory foam but you can add spring coils here as well by opting for another version in case you prefer a bouncy mattress.

Nectar and Casper Firmness

Next for the firmness, we do think Nectar and Casper are falling into the same category in overall typical box mattresses in the market. The two are ideal if you are used to medium firmness since this is what you will get from the two. But, it doesn’t mean they are exactly the same side by side since in comparison the Casper is slightly firmer so we do think this variant will be more comfortable for some people.

Nectar and Casper for Sleepers

What makes Casper ideal for most people is this firmness and by being slightly firmer than Nectar, it can provide a long lasting support for the body. At the first experience Nectar is great as well but the feeling changes after a while since the softer foam somehow lets your body sink in deeper and this may create fatigue for the back sleeper. On the other hand it feels better when you move to the side since the softer mattress is always good for body alignment in this position.

Nectar vs Casper

Both Nectar and Casper are amazing mattresses that you can get for a fairly affordable price. They are similar in thickness and made of memory foam but in comparison Casper is slightly firmer which makes it more comfortable for support in back sleeper while on the other hand Nectar is softer hence it is more conforming when you sleep on the side.

Nectar Casper
- More affordable- More expensive
- Longer sleeping trial- Shorter sleep trial
- Softer- Firmer
- Great for side sleeper- Great for back sleeper


All in all there is no bad option between the two but you should shop based on your own preference. If you are often sleeping on the back and maintain this position then Casper is the ideal option but for those who fall asleep on their side, Nectar will be more comfortable.

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